Centro Cultural CONDE DUQUE, Madrid.
20 september - 2 diciembre.

A question: The sun rises. Us with it. Always walking towards where it is. All morning. Confused at midday spinning around ourselves with our feet glued to the ground without advancing towards the sun. Starting off again afternoon, this time until sunset.
Yes, the question: Will we be at the same point as where we started?

This work consists of an installation of 4 lead cameras and 25 landscape photographs made in original transparencies.

The four cameras are in the same position as they were when the images which are exhibited inside them were obtained. The cameras were placed at a crossroads whose orientation was north, south, east and west. Each camera photographed the image facing it, with transparent Ilfochrome Classic. After developing, it was mounted in the same camera therefore acting as the exhibitor of the obtained photograph. In this way the camera is both author and container of the image.

The landscape photographs make up another landscape in their own right. They are made with the same photographic material and therefore are originals without copies.

This installation is related in its genesis with PATHS, literary-photographic book which is also transcribed into braille.

Materials: Lead, wood and glass.
Ilfochrome Classic original colour transparencies.
40 x 40 x 180 cm.